Our mission is “Tradition is always made of new challenges.”
It is a cloth weaving for three generations.
Our factory started silkworm breeding a few years ago.
The workplace now is surrounded by the sounds of silkworm eating the leaves and the looms in operation.Our products : Oshimatsumugi,Belt for kimono,Clothes using Oshima Tsumugi,Accessories using Oshima Tsumugi
Our service :Experience wearing Oshima Tsumugi / Mud dyeing / Weaving.

About Oshimatsumugi (This is the site of Oshima Tsumugi Association)

Company Profile
Company Name : Yumeorinosato Co.,Ltd
Established in1965
President : Shingo Minami
Address :3213-1, Ogachi, Tatsugo-cho Oshima-gun, Kagoshima, 894-0105, Japan

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